Managed funds - Professionally managed funds

Choose funds from leading fund managers and have your entry fees rebated.

What are managed funds?

Managed funds are professionally managed pools of funds invested in various asset classes including shares, property and cash. You can purchase units in these funds, and the value of these units changes depending on the value of the fund as a whole. Minimum initial investments range from $1,000 to $5,000, dependent on the specific fund. For full details, you need to refer to the product disclosure statement (PDS) issued by each fund manager.

Apply through us and we’ll rebate your entry fees

You could go to a fund manager direct. However, we have partnerships with some of Australia’s leading fund managers, who offer funds covering all asset classes. When you apply through us, any entry fees payable on our preferred managed fund managers will be rebated.

Our preferred fund managers

BT Financial Group PDS
Clime Australian Value Fund PDS
Colonial First State PDS
Hunter Hall Application Form
Hunter Hall Australian Value Trust PDS
Hunter Hall Global Deep Green Trust PDS
Hunter Hall Global Equities Trust PDS
Hunter Hall Supplementary PDS
Hunter Hall Value Growth Trust PDS

Four reasons to consider managed funds

1. Diversification

Investing in a managed fund lets you participate in a wider range of investments than you would normally be able to access as an individual investor. You will share both the costs and the benefits.

2. Access to a professionally managed investment

You’ll have access to a range of asset classes managed by professionals who are not only trained to look for opportunities in each sector, but who have experienced a variety of market phases and conditions. Even without investment experience, you can still take advantage of the flexibility offered by a managed fund when market-driven investment decisions need to be made, because no personal intervention from you is required.

3. Easy access to international markets

Investing in international markets can be expensive. However, managed funds provide a way to access international markets because you don’t need detailed knowledge of each individual marketplace.

4. Big investor potential for small investor outlay

Each dollar you invest gains the power of the whole fund that increases the accessibility of markets normally reserved for bigger investors. Even a minimum investment allows you access to these due to the combined power of many investors.

How to apply

1. Pick the managed fund from the provider you’d like to invest in.
2. Complete the application form in their PDS.
3. Have a copy of your identification certified. Under the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, you must mail us an original certified copy of your identification unless we have already identified you. Click here for more information on ID requirements.